What’s happening here?

I’m trying to put together a definitive archive of music, video and pics from the legendary Radio Invicta. Please post any links you find to anything related to Radio Invicta here. They’ll be displayed right away in this blog but it will also give me a chance to sort them into a complete list of links which will appear on the site.

Any mp3 audio can be easily sent to me via this drop box

Send me your track

Or you can email me audio if the filesize isn’t too huge to radioinvicta924@gmail.com – either way I’ll get it!

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An Ex Radio Invicta DJ
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  1. Steve Marshall says:

    Wonderful idea for a website!(fair play to young mr Jackson for doing it!) I was proud to be part of Radio Invicta 92.4fm in the mid to late 70’s. many people who worked for the station went on to a career in broadcasting myself included, a career that continues to this day.

    Although Invicta was Europe’s first soul station it’s legacy has been largely forgotten over the years…hopefully this website will do something to change that..what made Invicta special, well it was a team of people with a common purpose..the fact Invicta didn’t have a license to broadcast was a mere technicality. Invicta changed the way dance music of all kinds is played on the radio. and it is a credit to those pioneers that Soul music finally got the air play it deserved

    Here’s a list of the names who were involved in Invicta

    Peter St Crispian
    Tony Johns
    Roger Tate(the late Bob Tomalski)

    Roy King
    Bob Adams
    Barrie Stone

    Steve Chandler

    Doctor Shotgun

    Alan Moore

    John White

    Steve Marshall

    Tony Cleveland

    Nigel Grant

    Pete Tong

    Chris Hill

    Andy Jackson

    Tony Monson

    Steve Walsh


    and a host of others

    • Carli Murphy says:

      How about a mention for Darren Fogel the man who set up the Petition at school and got suspended for it!
      I went to school with Darren and he spent all day every day promoting Invicta and spreading the word…
      Darren broadcast on Radio Invicta from 1983 through to the stations close in June 1984 when the station was sharing its frequency with skyline radio seven nights a week.
      His programme Soul Searchin was way ahead of its time with some awesome tunes and the Soul news of the time interspersed with young Darrens unique humour.
      He certainly deserves a mention.

    • The Chelsea Headhunters says:

      The CHELSEA Headhunters will never forget the excellent music the station broadcast. Maze, Leroy Hutson, Kinsman Dazz, Breakwater, Crown Heights Affair, Jean Carn, and co….
      What made the station even better than JFM was the excellent Djs in particular:
      Steve Walsh, Darren Fogel, Steve Devonne and Jeff Young.
      We remember all of the above Djs support The Blues and often mentioned Chelsea F.C on the radio!
      Back i

      • The Chelsea Headhunters says:

        Back in the day everyone supported rodents like spurs, arse nal, man united and liver poop.
        It was great to hear soul and funk music with our boys giving C.F.C regular shout outs.
        Our thanks to Steve, Darren, Steve and Jeff.
        U are legends.

  2. Steve Marshall says:

    Invicta not only was a lot of fun to broadcast on but it taught me alot about standing next to transmitters and aerials on rooftops. Invicta had some larger than life characters and was lots of fun to be involved with. I met up and got in contact with some of the people involved in Invicta back in the day..interesting Invicta story from the 21st century. I was doing some gigs in South London last year and I got into a cab to take me to my hotel, we got chatting and the cab driver remembered Invicta…

  3. Andy Jackson says:

    Good to hear from you Steve – I thought it was about time Invicta was remembered properly! Feel free to send me a bio on yourself so I can create a page about you… radioinvicta924@gmail.com

  4. Dick G says:

    You beat me to it Andy!

    I started the Myspace-tribute AND the Facebook tribute, as none had really done something serious on Radio Invicta on the net. Thinking it have had such a major impact on the soul (and radio) scene in London, I thought it was about time. My intenetion was also to clame this URL; which I noticed was free. I am happy now that someone else did, someone being a part of Invicta.

    Long time no see Steve; remember us meeting on more than one occassion!

    keep it up!


    • Andy Jackson says:

      Hi Dick, it was your Myspace and Facebook tributes that made me wonder if radioinvicta.com was available, I was really surprised that no one had grabbed it, and when I saw radioinvicta.co.uk was also free I thought I’d better get them both! Would be great if you could put a link to this site from yours when you get a chance :-)

  5. Steve Marshall says:

    Hi Andy thanks for posting the Bio it’s a little bit out of date LOL I am now working in South East Spain I am involved with an International music station great fun and great sunshine:)

  6. steve marshall says:

    Dick thanks for the heads up! I remember meeting you a few times hope you and yours are well:)

  7. Adam Jennings says:

    Well Done Dick/ Steve

    It is about time there was a site dedicated to invicta. Bob did have his own site with many photos and stories from that time but alas that has disappeared. Roy King did have many photos & negatives on Bobs death and Geoff Page / Laurence Taylor the audio recordings including many of the jingle cartridges from the studio. I even cut out the panel on the left of the studio above the cart machines (the council would have just ripped all that down and thrown it away) that many including Steve Walsh and Imagination had signed and gave to Laurence. If you can find them , they may be able to help add content to your site.

    I hope you can find them and add to the site.

    Keep up the good work Dick



    • Andy Jackson says:

      Hi Adam,

      Do you have contact details at all for Geoff Page / Laurence Taylor?

      • Adam Jennings says:

        Hi Andy

        Sorry not any more. I lost contact with just about everyone after Bob died and then I moved to NZ.

        The person who created the memorial site to Bob was Gavin Dwyer. If you go to
        there are some contact details there but probably out of date. He may know how to get in contact with the others.

        Another person to try is Bob Armstrong who used to run LRC ( London Repair Centre ) contact details are here
        He may know how to get hold of them.

        If anyone knows where Geoff’s ex Lindsay who married Nigel Toze is they may be able to help further as they were the ones that were involved in distributing Bobs archive after I emigrated.

        It did seem that most people drifted apart after Bob died as he seemed to be the reason most of us were in contact.

        I hope that helps and it is a shame that all that archive of recordings and photos never has been used as people promised they would. Maybe now is a good time for that to happen if they can be found again.

        Some of the photos now appearing on the facebook page look very similar to the ones I started to digitise with a Fuji FV10 negative scanner. Quite a distinctive look as it made the shots look like TV screen shots more than photos. So it does seem that some of the digitised stuff is in circulation. There were around 200 images I scanned not long after Bob died and burnt them to disk and gave them to the people I mentioned. Unfortunately I no longer have a copy (please accept my apologies)

        I do hope that some of that information helps.



  8. TC says:

    Stanley Turrentine – Papa “T”

  9. Steve Marshall says:

    Hi Andy thanks for posting the new audio, I had completely forgotten about the programme I did with Roger Tate..thankfully I sound a bit different on the radio nowadays! the unknown dj on the recent audio posts is of course Peter St Crispian

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