Test Transmissions restarted – LISTEN HERE

This site is dedicated to the memory of the station, the music, and the people who were behind ‘Soul Over London – Radio Invicta’. You can hear how the radio station sounded in the audio archives.

There’s a huge amount audio archives, photos, fanpages and video scattered throughout the web, please help me by emailing links to them to me on radioinvicta924.@gmail.com and feel free to post links to anything relating to the station on the Radio Invicta blog as well, they’ll show up right away. Please send any audio / pics / and links to videos to radioinvicta924@gmail.com and I’ll put them on the site. If your email can’t handle big files, just use this audio drop box instead.

Send me audio

If there’s any demand for it, I’ll set up a forum for past listeners and staff to chat, let me know if you think that would be a good idea. Here’s a better idea… There is a a great facebook page here which Dick has set up.